Tears Are Words The Heart Cant Express

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your the one goodbye i regret the most, i fully realize that now



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"& all the times i let you in, just for you to go again"

these lyrics couldnt describe this shitty situation more perfect. history repeats itself, people never change, and ive fallen for the same old bullshit over and over again. yeah i’ll miss you more then you could ever know but im not putting myself out there when you’ll just fuck me over like you always have and always will. i deserve someone who will fight for me, not just drop me like i was nothing. and at the end of the day ill sit back and laugh, i promise you that.


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i cant even explain how much it sucks that no matter wtf happens or no matter what you do i still care. i wish i had no feelings cause this wouldnt be so fucking annoying. one day i fucking hate you the next id love to just see you. like why… i cant even explain how i feel ¬†at this point because im just so mind fucked and so bi polar when it comes to you. i hope there is a day when i can look back at you and feel absolutely nothing..now that would just be awesome.


after everything you’ve done you can go and fuck yourself


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